Nova Scotia Bird Watching

The St Mary’s River and Atlantic coastal wetlands are excellent areas for bird watching in Nova Scotia.- Bring along your binoculars and guide books !


Experience the best of Nova Scotia bird watching in our pristine coastal habitat along the Atlantic Bird Migratory Flyway. Our area offers many fresh and salt water marsh areas, ideal habitat for migratory birds including open fields, meadows & forests for nesting birds.

Coastal regions are great sources of entertainment for both avid birders and casual bird watchers. Nova Scotia enjoys a rich compliment of over 400 bird species that appear thoughtout the province. Many regularly can be found n our area on a dependable basis from rare, uncommon or common throughout all months of the year. Nova Scotia Osprey The Osprey was designated as the provincial bird of Nova Scotia in 1994. Bookmark and Share

You can also visit an online site that and see results from a query for “Guysborough” at the Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas Site